Parents Night Out on the Town


Night Out on the Town – Living in Durango means that your house will always be full of visitors, especially around the holidays. Well, the holidays are officially over! For most of you, that means your house is back to normal for the first time in a month or more. We love to see our families. We also love to see them go. Celebrate normal with a night out on the town!

The holidays are a great time for making memories but Mommies and Daddies have had a lot of “togetherness” since the kids started Christmas break. Durango 9-R School District is back in session. Another reason to celebrate!

Call the friends you’ve been neglecting and plan a parent’s night out on the town.

Need some ideas? Start with a hand crafted cocktail and yummy appetizer at El Moro Tavern. Relax, take your time and enjoy an adult conversation without interruption. Peruse Maria’s Bookshop across the street or an art gallery at your leisure without any in-laws or children. Better yet, be a tourist and try to find your favorite coffee mug or shot glass. Speaking of tourist-y things Durangoans never do, take the carriage ride in front of the Strater! You just might learn something new about our historic little town.

For dinner, pop into any of our awesome restaurants and don’t skip the wine pairing. If you are not yawning yet, use your ears to find some Live Music. Nothing completes a night out on the town better than listening to a great band. Call us when you are ready to get home or meet us at a prearranged pick up time. Drink responsibly and remember, Buck Horn will get you and your friends home safe and sound.

We hope we have inspired you to plan your next fun night out on the town. Call us anytime for any of your transportation needs in Durango and the entire Four Corners Region.